Countertop Grab 'n Go


The Countertop Grab 'n Go unit is perfect for small fish and shrimp! It's the successor of our Grab ‘n Go Retail Display which means it has all of the features with a smaller footprint. The self serve display system allows the customer to make a selection with no assistance at all. The leaky bag days are in the past! When the cup is removed from the unit, the valve shuts off, resulting in a mess free purchase. It offers full filtration and comes with a built in sump which means clean mini tanks and healthy livestock. There is very little to no maintenance required.

Each countertop Grab n’ Go is equipped with 9 mini tanks. They are designed for barcode pricing, assuring that every transaction is accurate. Due to its size, it can be easily moved around your store. It can be placed on a stand or any counter space. There is a significant amount of space to display your store logo or a banner of your choosing both on the base of the unit and the header. 


  • Can be placed on any countertop 
  • Customer Self Serves
  • No Assistance
  • No Leaky Bags
  • Light and portable 
  • Easy Feeding and Maintenance
  • Salt or Fresh Water
  • Full Filtration
  • Accurate Pricing  

Dimensions: 21 3/4" x 20 1/2" x 45 3/4"