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Jacksonville, FL 32207

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These acrylic aquarium combos are perfect for pros and beginners alike. The design is modern and sleek making it versatile for any space. Made of cast acrylic, this aquarium is equipped with a filtration system, pump, remote operated LED lighting, and colorful gravel. It also features a silent pump system and bottom drain for easy water changes. All models include the tank, stand and canopy. This system can be used for both saltwater and freshwater. Models are available in black and white. 


  • Modern Design
  • Cylinder Shape 
  • Cast Acrylic
  • Silent pump system 
  • Sump Filtration
  • Bottom drain for easy water changes
  • Saltwater & Freshwater
  • Remoted Controlled LED Lighting
  • Includes Stand & Canopy


Model  MAP  Overall Dimensions  Weight 
ProClear Cylinder 80 Gallon Acrylic Unit  $1,368.09 40x48x78 220
ProClear Cylinder 125 Gallon Acrylic Unit  $2,084.11 40x48x82 335


ProClear Cylinder Aquarium Combo