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The EcoReef sump from ProClear Aquatic Systems brings a simplistic and modern design to your reef sump with a clear and white acrylic aesthetic. Meant for saltwater aquariums, the EcoReef comes with an adjustable water gate in the central compartment to allow you to adjust the water level depending on your needs. Filter socks, bulk heads, inlet tubes, and adjustable water gate are all included with this sump for easy installation.


  • In addition, ProClear Aquatic Systems offers a Media Sponge Insert to elevate your ProClear Aquatic’s sumps performance. Special designed to fit the EcoReef and RedFlex, the Media Sponge Insert holds any 3” round sponge filter media.



EcoReef Sump 100 (24"x10"x16") UP TO 100g Tank-FLOW RATE UP TO 400 GPH-SINGLE INPUT
EcoReef Sump 200 (32"x12"x16") UP TO 225g Tank-FLOW RATE UP TO 800 GPH-DUAL INPUT
EcoReef Sump 300 (37"x14.5"x16") UP TO 300g Tank-FLOW RATE UP TO 1200 GPH-DUAL INPUT
EcoReef Sump 400 (45"x14.5x16") UP TO 400g Tank-FLOW RATE UP TO 1600 GPH-DUAL INPUT

Eco Reef