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The ProClear Fragger display is handmade from acrylic in the USA. These units are designed for a 360 degree view of your coals. Each unit comes with two tiers of top down viewing for easy sales. The two levels can hold up to 60 frags each in our custom frag racks. We can customize the racks to fit your color scheme of the store. The Fragger is built with a high flow / low pressure filtration system giving you and your customer a crystal clear top down view. This means a customer can see every angle of that coral without the use of a coral viewer. These displays come equipped with filter socks, lighting, and pump.


  • Built In Sump Filtration 

  • 23 1/2”L x 15 7/8”W x 39 7/16”H

  • Two frag racks – Customizable colors with added charge

  • Two ReefBright LED bars

  • Rio1500 pump

Great for:

  • Point of Sale Display

  • Curing station for fresh cut frags

  • Quarantine Station for incoming coral – 100% top down view allows you to easily see any unwanted hitchhikers.

  • Trade shows – light weight design and small footprint.

Fragger Countertop Display

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