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The Grab ‘n Go is a self serve display unit that can accommodate freshwater or saltwater livestock. This self serve display allows the customer to make a selection with no assistance at all. The leaky bag days are in the past! When the cup is removed from the unit, the valve shuts off, resulting in a mess-free purchase.


It has full filtration which means clean mini tanks and a healthy livestock. This unit requires almost no maintenance. The mini-tanks are designed for barcode pricing, ensuring every transaction is the accurate sales price.. Ensuring that every transaction is accurate. Each Grab 'n Go is equipped with 35 mini-tanks. The display weighs approximately 150 pounds making it easy to set-up; just fill the 55 gallon sump with water.  


The unit comes equipped with blue and white LED lighting and a pump. There is a significant amount of space to display your store logo or a banner of your choosing both on the base of the unit and the header(ask about custom pricing). The footprint of the unit is 38”L x 27”W x 82"H and has a sump capacity of 55 gallons.


•    38”L x 27”W x 82”H
•    Built In Sump Filtration 
•    LED Lighting
•    Freshwater or Saltwater
•    Lightweight 

•    Includes 35  Mini Tanks 

Grab'n Go

SKU: GnG-35