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4in Sock Canister 1.png

Sock Canister

For EcoReeef Sump

The Pro Clear Aquatic Systems 4” Sock Canister will make you forget about filter socks. This product is designed to replace filter socks in an EcoReef Sump. Each Sock Canister comes with a sponge that can be easily removed with our included sponge remover. The included sponge will help pick up large debris while allowing bacteria to colonize and pods to pass through. These canisters are large capacity and have room for other media to be added.

Foam Block

For Premier Wet/Dry Series, RedFlex Sumps
12in Foam Block 4.jpg

Comes in the following sizes:

8" x 2" x 4" 

Premier 75, RedFlex 4in1 100

10" x 2" x 4"

Premier 125, RedFlex Reef 100, EcoReef 100

12" x 2" x 4"

Premier 175/200/300/400, All RedFlex 200's, EcoFeef 200

14.5" x 2" x 4" 

All RedFlex 300/400's, EcoReef 300/400

18" x 2" x 4"

RedFlex 600's

4in Filter Sock 4.jpg

Filter Sock 

For Red Flex Sumps, Freedom Sumps

Comes in the following sizes:

4" x 12"

7" x 12" 

Spril Flex Hose.jpg

Spiral Flex Hose

For Red Flex Sumps, Freedom Sumps

Comes in the following sizes:

1.25" x  3'

Cylinder Sponge

For PreFilter, Sock Canister

Comes in the following sizes:


6in Foam Cylinder 1.jpg

The ProClear Aquatic Systems Overflow Box allows you to convert most standard aquariums to a sump / wet dry / or refugium filter. These overflow boxes include a bulkhead fitting, U-tube, and a sleek design.


675128 – Single output overflow rated up to 800 GPH

675135 – Dual output overflow rated up to 1600 GPH”

Single Overflox Box

For Premier Wet/Dry 75,125, 175
single prefilter png.png
Chemical Media Cartridge 1.png

Chemical Media Cartridge

For RedFlex Sumps
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