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Register Your Warranty

All products manufactured by Pro Clear Aquatic Systems are made of top quality cast acrylic and assembled by highly trained technicians. Sumps and filters we manufacture carry our limited lifetime warranty against leaks or defects in workmanship. This includes all EcoReef, RedFlex, Premier models, Pro series, Ultra and Freedom line, including accessories, excluding foam blocks.  A 3 year warranty is offered on aquariums at its original location where it was first filled with water . This warranty does not cover items which are broken, misused, mishandled, such as improper storage conditions, or have normal wear and tear.  Warranty coverage can only be provided to the original purchaser. The purchaser must have completed the below registration within 15 days of the purchase date.  If you purchased the item prior to 01/31/2018, a paper copy of the warranty, included in all new sumps/filters, must have been completed and returned in order for any warranty to be redeemed. For additional information, see the term and condition below. 

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