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Economy Display

The Economy unit is an all acrylic display perfect for retail setting or breeding. This unit is includes blue and white LED lighting, a built in sump, and 7” filter socks housed inside the durable ABS base. It also equipped with a pump which has a water flow capacity of 1250gph. Each level is individually controlled allowing you to flush or maintain one level at a time without disrupting the other levels. The unit comes in a standard configuration, 6 compartments on the top, 6 in the middle and 3 larger compartments on the bottom level. Low maintenance and easy set up makes this one of our most popular models.


  • 48” x 24” x 82”

  • Blue or Black background

  • Freshwater or Saltwater

  • ReefBrite LED's

  • Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0 Pump

1.5" Drain Screen 
Removable Light Cover
Overflow Box 
1.5" Spray Bar & Valve 

Deluxe 8ft Display

The Commercial aquatic retail display features an all acrylic design. This 8 foot system provides front access to each tank on all three levels. Each tank is individually controlled which allows you to easily flush one compartment without affecting the others. It is equipped with a built-in sump which includes filter socks, and pump. In addition, it is also complete with LED lighting on all three levels, two strips which are white and blue. The display is virtually maintenance free and designed to reduce the loss of livestock and cost over time. 

  • 96”’ x 36” x 82”

  • Individually controlled compartments

  • Blue or Black background

  • Freshwater or Saltwater

  • Available in 48” ( DELUXE )

  • Reeflo Dart Pump

  • ReefBrite LED

pro clear aquatic systems retail aquatic display. Acrylic unit with led lighting, sump filtration, pump, socks and more.
Grab 'n Go self serve commercial and retail display for fish and aquatic livestock. patented design

      The Grab ‘n Go is a self serve display unit that can accommodate freshwater or saltwater livestock. This self serve display allows the customer to make a selection with no assistance at all. The leaky bag days are in the past! When the cup is removed from the unit, the valve shuts off, resulting in a mess-free purchase.


It has full filtration which means clean mini tanks and a healthy livestock. This unit requires almost no maintenance. The mini-tanks are designed for barcode pricing, ensuring every transaction is the accurate sales price.. Ensuring that every transaction is accurate. Each Grab 'n Go is equipped with 35 mini-tanks. The display weighs approximately 150 pounds making it easy to set-up; just fill the 55 gallon sump with water. 


The unit comes equipped with blue and white LED lighting and a pump. There is a significant amount of space to display your store logo or a banner of your choosing both on the base of the unit and the header(ask about custom pricing). The footprint of the unit is 38”L x 27”W x 82"H and has a sump capacity of 55 gallons.

Grab 'n Go

Self Serve Display 

•    38”L x 27”W x 82”H
•    Built In Sump Filtration 
•    LED Lighting
•    Freshwater or Saltwater
•    Lightweight 

•    Includes 35  Mini Tanks 

Dimensions:  21.75”L x 20.5”W x 45.75”H

Top Header:  20.5”W x 5”H
Bottom cover: 21”Wx12.5”H

Weight: 65lbs

Also available: Countertop Grab 'n Go

9 Cup Unit

Patent No: 9,655,348 B2

Dimensions:  21.75”L x 20.5”W x 45.75”H

Top Header:  20.5”W x 5”H
Bottom cover: 21”Wx12.5”H

Weight: 65lbs

Grab n' Go


The ProClear Fragger display is handmade from acrylic in the USA. These units are designed for a 360 degree view of your coals. Each unit comes with two tiers of top down viewing for easy sales. The two levels can hold up to 60 frags each in our custom frag racks. We can customize the racks to fit your color scheme of the store. The Fragger is built with a high flow / low pressure filtration system giving you and your customer a crystal clear top down view. This means a customer can see every angle of that coral without the use of a coral viewer. These displays come equipped with filter socks, lighting, and pump.

Countertop Fragger 3.png
  • Built In Sump Filtration 

  • 23 1/2”L x 15 7/8”W x 39 7/16”H

  • Two frag racks – Customizable colors with added charge

  • Two ReefBright LED bars

  • Sicce Syncra Pump

Great for:

  • Point of Sale Display

  • Curing station for fresh cut frags

  • Quarantine Station for incoming coral – 100% top down view allows you to easily see any unwanted hitchhikers.

  • Trade shows – light weight design and small footprint.

Countertop Fragger 2.png
Gradient Background
Untitled design_edited.jpg
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