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  • Where can I purchase your products?
    To see a full list of online and local retailers visit this link.
  • Help! I need instructions for setting up my sump.
    Instructions can be found here.
  • Where can I register for my warranty?
    You can register for your warranty on the Warranty Registration page. This can be found in the subpage of the About Us section.
  • How can I file a warranty claim?
    To file a warranty claim, email Provide a brief explanantion of the issue with your item. Your email should include the following information: Name: Address: Contact #: Email: Product name & item #: Entry ID# (provided at warranty registration)
  • What is the lead time on custom items and retail displays?
    Expected lead time for custom items and displays is approximately three weeks. Though lead time can vary due to a variety of factors. We can provide a more accurate time frame at the time you place an order.
  • I am looking for a specific part. Where can I purchase it?
    All parts and/or accessories can be purchased via drop ship from Fish Tanks Direct or Champion Lighting. This includes parts such as drain hoses, foam sponges, overflow boxes, siphon tubes, and more. If you do not see the part directly on their website, simply send them an email with your request.
  • What is the difference between the Economy and the Deluxe display?
    The difference between the Economy display and the Deluxe is that the Economy does NOT have individually controlled tanks. The Deluxe has all individually controlled tanks while the Economy has individually controlled tiers/levels. They can be used with freshwater or saltwater and are both made of acrylic. Both are 4ft in length, have a built in sump and are modular. They come equipped with LED lighting, blue and white, filter socks and pump. They are made full of acrylic and require very little maintenance.
  • How can I obtain a quote for retail displays or a custom item?
    You can get a quote by sending us an email at Please describe the item you are looking for, the quantity and provide all of you contact information. Retail Displays: If you are not sure which unit is best for you, that's okay. Our team is here to assist you in any way to assure you store looks and operates beautifully. Aquariums & Sumps/Filters: Make sure to provide the length, depth and height. We love sketches. If you have a drawing, please send it along with your email.


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