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ProStar Aquarium

ProStar Rimless Aquarium V1

This rimless glass aquarium sits on a modern cabinet, available in black or white. This aquarium is designed for saltwater use freshwater use. In addition, it includes sump filtration made of glass.  Evaporation is a common problem for rimless tanks. Sitting on the sump, is an auto top off to replenish the water. The power cord will match the chosen color of your tank, making this the cleanest display you've ever had. 

  • Rimless 

  • Low Iron Glass 

  • Available in Black or White 

  • Sump Filtration 

  • Auto Top Off Reservoir Included

  • Modern Design 

  • Freshwater or Saltwater 

ProStar 110 Peninsula Black 3
ProStar 110 Black 8
ProStar 110 Peninsula White 2
ProStar 110 White 6
ProStar 110 Black 5
ProStar 110 Black 7
ProStar 110 Black 6
ProStar 110 Peninsula Black 6
ProStar 110 Peninsula White 4
ProStar 110 Peninsula Black 7
ProStar 110 Peninsula Black 8
ProStar 110 White 3
ProStar 110 Peninsula White 6
ProStar 110 White 5
ProStar 110 White 7
ProStar 110 Black 5
ProStar Models - Plumbing - Version 1 jp

ProStar Rimless V1 

Plumbing Diagram 

Click on the photo for a larger view or to download the diagram 


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