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Protein Skimmers

The skimmer combines downdraft design with a Venturi to make efficient use of any pump. Because of the air injection method large quantities of bubbles and water are produced with a smaller pump. The high flow rate is ideal for heavily stocked aquariums and reef tanks.

  • Self cleaning valve never needs adjusting

  • Low maintenance

IS 200 Up to 200G Aquarium - Flow rate up to 400GPH

IS 400 Up to 400G Aquarium - Flow rate up to 800GPH

IS 600 Up to 600G Aquarium - Flow rate up to 1200GPH

IS 1000 Up to 1000G Aquarium - Flow rate up to 2000GPH

IS 400

Item # 794065

IS 200

Item # 794058

IS 1000

Item # 794089